About us
  We are dedicated in providing outstanding service. Compare our quality, fine craftsmanship and detailed carvings with any other products in the same category and you will see that our products are much better. Jay Group comprises of the following highly specialized manufacturing units, working under stringent quality control systems, manufacturing 'CE' certified products, qualifying for European Standards.
  • Jay Fastener

  • Jay International

  • Jay Plastic Company

  • Jay Industrial Corporation
  • Jay Engineering Industry

  • Jay Garment Accessories

  • Jay Spray Techniques
  • Jay Tagging Systems
We specialize in the manufacturing of Tag Pins [Tag Fasteners], Tagging Guns, Tag Gun Needle, Textile & Multi-Utility Cleaning Spray Guns and Super Exhaust for Spray Guns. Being a quality conscious company, we ensure that quality is maintained at every level of the business process. We focus on business processes for the improvement in the quality and ensure the safety of the products.
Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.

  • To provide the best customer service possible.

  • To help you enhance your competitiveness in the retail market place.
We provide tag fasteners to over 300 garments every second, round the clock, across the globe. So to say, we help tag over 25 million garments every day.

Our devotion to quality has gained us a remarkable global reputation & considerable brand equity. Arrow, Wonder, UNIVERSAL, Tagstar, Chokho are few of our popular Intellectual Properties.

Our Mission & Vision
  a. Never compromise on quality
b. Market our products at most reasonable price
c. Offer satisfactory customer service
d. Global presence

Our top-notch development team is continuously upgrading systems with the latest technology and developing innovative tools and features, to keep up and improve the quality of our products. Some of our developments are also Patent protected.